• 大見
    21:43 February 3, 2024
    I went to Osaka on a business trip.
    The building is gorgeous, the rooms are clean, and I enjoyed the extraordinary space.
    The therapist was a fresh and handsome man.
    The massage was firm and erotic, so I was satisfied.
    I would like to go there again when I come to Osaka.
    Original language: Japanese
  • Dai
    16:20 January 25, 2024
    Good looking masseur near the station. I was nervous at first, but the masseur talked to me in a friendly way and kept good contact with me, so I felt good until the end. If you are looking for a massage in Namba district, I think you should give it a try. The naked massage was also quite erotic. The room was also clean.
    Original language: Japanese
  • S.tam
    13:09 January 7, 2024
    I have been there twice. The building is gorgeous and the rooms are completely private, so you can relax.

    The therapists are fresh and friendly.
    I also love that the therapist gave me a massage in all naked.
    Original language: Japanese