• 良村
    07:45 August 24, 2023
    I took this service the other day.
    I highly recommend this spa. The boy escorted me very politely and even beginners can take it without any worries. The private room was beautiful and clean. The price was very reasonable and there are no extra fees.
    Original language: Japanese
  • しんじ
    11:26 June 18, 2023
    I used it last month and it was great! I can do various things with you with a handsome guy who seems to be in the city, which is not found in other shops! ? That was my first impression. lol I will definitely use it again!
    Original language: Japanese
  • 桜井
    17:13 February 18, 2022
    I was addicted to it.
    I always ask for a 90-minute course, but I'm really looking forward to the next time because the time has passed so quickly that I feel like I'm about to extend it. The private room is also very beautiful and I am surprised. It seems that there are many inquiries and it may not be possible to make a reservation, but if you like good-looking guys, I highly recommend it ☺️
    Original language: Japanese